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Volume 1   Number 1  
The Maha Chohan   1996

Dear Student of the Light,

It has long been My desire to institute the delivery of regular communication with you in the form of a letter, so that We might have a less formal opportunity to discuss the needs you have in pursuing the Path. I AM the Maha Chohan. I greet you with the Love of My Heart in order that I might be a guiding Light and Beacon of the Holy Spirit flowing forth onto this page for you to take to your heart and mind, to anchor and assimilate all that is said until it becomes your very own. Over the course of the next few weeks We will be taking up the Cosmic Law and how you can integrate that Cosmic Law into your daily activity.

Our first point of discussion is Love. Love comes from many avenues. It comes in the form of the love of the mother and the father for the child, love of child for the mother and the father, the love of job, the love of your surroundings, your home. All of these are wonderful expressions of love. But dear hearts, the greatest love that you can experience is the Love from your own I AM Presence, your Real Self. People in this time and age speak of "loving yourself." It has become common place to hear that phrase. But I tell you, they do not understand what loving their own self means. You as students will know what it means by the time we are finished, if you do not already know.

You have experienced opening your heart to a stranger. You know how good it feels when that kindness is received and that one reciprocates. It is just as easy to commune with your I AM Presence. You open your heart. The Love flows in from your Presence. And from your heart back to your Presence flows the love of your heart in return, creating a figure eight flow of Light and Love.

That's not so difficult to imagine, is it? Then why is it not occurring more frequently? Why is it not part of your everyday activity? Why, at your place of employment are you not giving love even in the most difficult situations? Are you afraid to open your heart? In Our Dictation earlier today We spoke of fear. The fear of the unknown, fear of making that freewill decision to move with the Light. Or do we not open our hearts because we are selfish, because we are afraid if we give love away it won't come back? Because no one will return in kind?

Beloved ones, whenever you give love, even if it is not accepted, even if it is trampled upon, scoffed at or mocked, it is not wasted. It does not go unnoticed. It is recorded, beloved ones in your Causal Body of Light. If you are involved in a personal relationship where you feel the love which you are giving an individual is not being accepted, be not concerned. Continue to love. For even if this person moves on in their own life cycle, the love that you have given out automatically goes to your Twin Flame, wherever that Twin Flame is.

So you see, this love is not wasted. And if we don't practice loving, practice giving that love, when we finally do meet our Twin Flame we will not know how to love. The first place to practice, dear hearts, is with your I AM Presence, because the love that you give and receive back from your Presence will be multiplied and amplified throughout every part of your life, throughout every relationship. And you too can feel the warm glow of God's Love, even if on the physical plane your love to another is rejected. The most important thing I can leave with you is the fact that no Love is wasted. No love goes unnoticed and no love is without the vibration of God.

For indeed God is Love. Chamuel and Charity, the Archangel and Archeia of the Love Ray, are the very embodiment of God Love through Their Angelic Service. And Their Angels are ready with wings of beautiful pink to take your love and share it wherever, whenever, and with whomever you desire. You cannot love too much. There is no such thing when it is genuine. So, do not be afraid to love.

You might be surprised at how wonderful life can be when lived within an unbroken vibration of Love. It is the greatest Gift of your I AM Presence. It is the nurturing Love, poured forth through your Crystal Cord daily. Embrace it! Open your heart! Dissolve all hardness of heart with the Violet Flame. All of the petty arguments and egotistical notions floating about in your world are nothing more than human creation. They block the flow of Love. And for those of you who think it is not manly, or you do not exhibit any strength with this vibration of Love, I tell you, you are foolish — for the greatest strength comes with the greatest Love. The Love of God is all powerful. And the true Power of the Will of God is all Love, just ask El Morya. He will tell you.

Throughout this week I hope that you will take My words to heart. If necessary, reread this letter daily to remind yourself until it becomes a habit to nurture the Love in your heart, for we have many Cosmic Laws to take up and to study, but they all fall flat if not infused with Love. Nothing else will matter without Love.

I bid you good evening! I welcome each of your heart's fleeting comments. As I feel your heart impressed upon Mine, and surrounded by your love for Me, I may truly address your concerns, your needs. Our goal and Our mission is not the aggrandizement of the process of this communication, or the building of a personal following. We are here to be of Service to you. To render that Service where needed. We love you! And now that you know a little more about Love, I hope you will understand the true nature of Our Love and how far reaching is that Love from the Ascended Master Octave. It is yours to receive.

Until next week.
I thank you!

The Maha Chohan



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