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Sophia - Goddess of Wisdom

It is not enough to merely know the law, but one must become it

"The Momentum of the Resurrection Light from My Beloved Krishna has been so well developed by those Adepts and high Initiates on the Path that they adopted His Flame of the Christic Light as their own. Due to their emulation of My Beloved down through the ages, they have become the Christs-In-Action, the Krishnas and the Christed Ones of world renown. The Resurrection Flame which comes up in the earth and brings the renewed life and hope to your land can only be garnered through the wise use of the Light that comes from the Source. The Great Central Sun is Our Source, beloved hearts. Your very own God Presence is fed by the Source of the Great Central Sun. Life without Wisdom and life without the Source is no life at all.

"As We developed the Wisdom Schools, We realized that there would come a time when We would have the opportunity to share this with you, but there has not been such a time when there were receptive souls sufficiently developed to receive this instruction. There had to be many teachings released and a foundation built before there could be fashioned a Chalice capable of holding the Release of Our Radiation.

"It is not enough to merely know the law, but one must become it. I, Sophia, will teach that Law of Becoming. I will Guide, Guard and Direct the Wisdom Schools that will be established. I will be the Divine Mother of Wisdom for the planet earth. I will continue to release My Ray that you might have the nourishment, the foundation and the benefit of Our Experience.

"I have determined that Acropolis Sophia will be a very pure school. Those who come will follow certain guidelines that I will establish. The prerequisite for anything taught at Acropolis Sophia will be that it must stand in Ascended Master Light. It must be for Light and it must serve the purpose of raising the Light in a natural unfoldment toward the God Presence of each student. There will not only be the setting aside for a time of all the accumulated knowledge of the past, but there will be the opportunity for you to begin anew in a clean book with a white page, starting fresh on the Path.

"Should you be one who comes to Acropolis Sophia and finds that you are not ready for these disciplines, We will understand. There may be such a time in the future. But for those who do come, if you are able to stay the course, to complete the cycle and fulfillment of all that We offer, you will be the Victor. For at that point you will be armed and ready to move into action with your Divine Plan and your Mission.

"Not all will have a direct mission within Our Activity of The Temple of The Presence. This is not even expected. For this vast world has many diverse avenues of instruction which are required. But it is of great importance to have sufficient numbers who will step forward and put their hand to the wheel that turns the cycle of events for Acropolis Sophia and for The Temple of The Presence, to provide for these activities to go forward.

"The Hosts of Heaven have decided that Our Presence in your midst is of such importance that they have allowed My Beloved and I to stand shoulder to shoulder as the Twin Flame Essence of Light to shine upon the spiritual city of Acropolis Sophia.

"Our release of the Ray of Wisdom's Flame will re-instruct and teach every cell of your being, each of your bodies, all that you think, all that you say and all that you do. There will be no aspect of your life that will remain the same. And all that was right and good will shine and sparkle, for it will indeed have a newness of God Life. It will have the pure color, the pure essence, the pure sound and anything that is less than that, you will leave as baggage and you will go forth, needing it no more. For you will have realized and discovered that there were things in your life that were taking you from the shining star of the Great Central Sun."

Wisdom speaks: "I come from the mouth of the Most High. I cover the earth like a mist. My tent is in the Heights. My Throne is a Pillar of Cloud."

Do not forsake the Fountain of Wisdom! Walk in the Way of God and live in Peace forever! Learn where is knowledge, where strength, where understanding. And so learn where is Life, where the Light of the eye, and where Peace.


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