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Ascended Lady Master Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa has attained the Ascension

"Heaven has gained another Star!"

Mother Teresa Beloved Mother Teresa left her physical body on September 5, 1997. Beloved Mary, the Mother of Jesus, announced on September 7, 1997 that this precious Daughter of God has Ascended and become One with Her beloved Mighty I AM Presence. Mother Mary said:

" . . . I would likewise speak of another sadness, but of the greatest Joy. For in the loss of the beloved Mother Teresa, Heaven has gained another Star. In this day, beloved Teresa has gained Her Ascension in the Light, and will walk in the Octaves of Light to Radiate Her Greater Help and Guidance for those who would follow in a selfless Path of Service and Surrender. Beloved Teresa, with the Guidance of the Ascended Masters in Council, chose this very time and hour for Her Transition in the Light in the wake of the passing of a Princess. For it was Her desire that She not be a great focus of attention. She wished only for the Good which She had accomplished to continue on. For those Activities of Light that she had supported, had put Her Whole Momentum behind, to keep up the work, to not be swayed at Her passing, but to keep putting one foot in front of the other, in selfless Service and true Charity of the Heart.

"She was not interested in being ever a center of attention - for Her focus was upon God. She wished the priorities of Life for each individual to be turned to their own God Reality and Opportunity in the Light. In all of Her Service to mankind, She continually turned toward God. She was not concerned with the comforts of the world, for She had chosen a Path of Complete Selfless Service.

"The world will mourn, but the Heavens will rejoice. And those who are connected with their own God Presence will know the great rejoicing in the heart. For She has accomplished Her Mission on Earth. There was not one aspect of Her Dharma unfulfilled.

"How many of the devotees of My Heart can say that they have fulfilled every aspect of the Law that they came into embodiment to do? How many can say that they have truly emptied their cup and given their all. How many can say 'I have loved even in the face of those who have tried to persecute me.'

"For those who have forgotten the walk of the saints, review them, study them. Learn to appreciate the fact that it is not always easy, but it is a great reward. Do you think that the walk that Mother Teresa walked was easy? Oh, We have heard the grumblings of those in embodiment who have said 'Well, this is too hard. I'm not cut out for this type of life.'

"You must realize, beloved ones, that there are many ministries, many ways of serving the Light. And if you are to know your calling, you must first enter the heart - the Secret Chamber. Bow before the Altar. Look into the Eyes of your own God Presence. Confirm 'I AM THAT I AM'.

"When you have left the Altar, resumed your place in outer activities, there must be an Overshadowing of your lifestream by the God Presence through the dictates of your Holy Christ Self into all of your outer activities.

"If this is not present, then you are not serving God, but serving the world. You may serve God in the world, but not the world absent God. I stand as a Mother of One Who Served God in all, who left a Record of Footsteps that each of you can follow. . . . "

Beloved Mother Mary

September 7, 1997



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