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The Real You

Each of us is an individual manifestation of that Divine Flame of Life, having come from the Heart of God willingly and purposefully. Yes, the same God who made the whole macrocosm is focused within your own Individual I AM Presence. And within the fullness of that Presence is all that you desire, all that you require to fulfill your life. As you acknowledge this as the Truth of your Being, you begin to draw it forth.

"I cannot speak of this to you too often: that when you really recognize and accept the Mighty Presence of God in you, there are positively no adverse conditions."
 ~ Saint Germain

October 3, 1932

There is so much more to life than the struggles and concerns customarily pre-occupying outer consciousness. It is possible to throw off those shackles of limitation that impose small-mindedness and leave you prey to forces that toss you about like pawns on a chessboard. You can strip away ignorance, blindness, superstition, and carelessness. For your True Reality is that, as a Firstborn Son or Daughter of God, you have the Power of your Mighty I AM Presence trembling on the cusp of your very own Heart.

Since that moment in Eternity known as "the beginning," the Perfect Blueprint of you has existed in the Mind of God. Life has continued for millions of years because the Eye of God and the Mind of God have steadfastly remained upon this Vision of the Divine you. Regardless of your inner struggles or outer appearances, this is the you your Presence recognizes and champions. And through conscious awareness, you can re-align your life and step into the Flame of Freedom that awaits you within the embrace of that Presence.

Won't you grasp the opportunity before you and choose your God Presence as the Truth of your Being, for it is truly the Pearl of inestimable value. It is worth every ounce of effort you are capable of making to don the Garment of your Christhood and begin the upward trek to your Ascension in the Light. This is the definitive Teaching of The Temple of The Presence.



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