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The Temple of The Presence

The keys to the origin of life, the purpose of incarnation, and the Divine Destiny ordained for all have been known to Saints and Sages for ages but, through centuries of misguided endeavors, have been lost to the outer consciousness of most. Now these Teachings are available to all who desire to gain their eternal Freedom and to serve God in Life.

The Mission of The Temple of The Presence is manifold:

To awaken individuals to their true Divinity — The Mighty I AM Presence

What could be more important than who you consider yourself to be? The Temple of The Presence is unwavering in its proclamation that you are a Firstborn Son or Daughter of God — because knowing your Divine Origin changes how you think of yourself and those around you. It frees you of the limitations of the human mind; it opens your consciousness to new and exciting possibilities; it awakens awarenesses long forgotten, perhaps for lifetimes; it gives the assurance that you are never alone, for you are part of a vast Divine Family; it allows you to be all that you truly are. In short, it makes all the difference because Divinity is not something you evolve into. You are as Divine this very minute as you ever will be.

To champion the unfoldment of each one's Christhood

Attaining Christhood is both possible and necessary for those who seek reunion with their Mighty I AM Presence. The Temple of The Presence teaches that Jesus' Christhood was intended to be an example for others to follow. No one can rest on the laurels of someone else's Victory. It is only through forging your own Christhood that you stand poised to enter into Oneness with your Mighty I AM Presence.

To uphold the goal of the Ascension for all

The Ascension is your Divine Destiny. It is the next rung on the ladder, so to speak, after earthy embodiment. Keeping this goal in the forefront of your consciousness not only informs the decisions you make, but is the assurance that life has a glorious purpose. Your striving is not in vain, but is the doorway through which you will reunite with your Presence. The Ascended Masters constantly remind us of our ability to fulfill our Destiny of the Ascension — even at the conclusion of this lifetime.

To establish The Ascended Master Way of Life™

As above, so below — as we strive to engender God Qualities and Christ Consciousness, the distance between Heaven and Earth diminishes and our code of conduct begins to reflect that of the Masters. Establishing a way of life congruent with the standards of the Masters is a prerequisite for the dawn of the Golden Age of Saint Germain.

To proclaim the Dawning Golden Age of Beloved Saint Germain

Every 2,000 years a new age begins. The previous 2,000 year period was under the spiritual sponsorship of Beloved Jesus. The current 2,000 year period, which began at the dawn of the new millennium, is under the sponsorship of Beloved Saint Germain. This devoted Master began laying the groundwork for the Earth's return to a Golden Age in the early part of the 20th Century by revealing the Teaching on the Mighty I AM Presence. Having ruled over a Golden Age thousands of years ago, Saint Germain is determined to return the Earth to that heavenly estate. And he has encouraged us to begin by becoming our own Golden Age of One. Then, together, these Golden Ages of One expand into the Golden Age of the Earth.



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