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Mighty Victory

Beloved Mighty Victory is a Cosmic Being Who has known only Victory for thousands of years.

"All Must Have the Opportunity!"

Star of Victory " . . . You do not have to carry that burden any longer, for I, Mighty Victory, am here to tell you that the way can be clear for all that you are to accomplish in this lifetime if you will but make the calls to your God Presence. You have all of the Power in the Universe right within the framework of your being. Tap that Light. Allow for the 'Falls of Niagara' to continue to flow throughout your being. Allow It to move into Action as the 'Waters of Life' and cleave asunder all of the unreality.

"It is not enough for you to have constant reminders by the pain and the discord that you deal with on the daily basis. Some have to have cataclysm in their world to wake them up. Well, I AM here to tell you -- you do not have to have cataclysm! You do not have to have a major catastrophe in your world to wake you up! I will wake you up with the Victory Call - for you can always have Victory if you will allow it!

"Allow the Light to move through your chakras. Allow for the saturation into the veins of your being. Allow for the nerve endings to expand to hold more Light till there is so much Light moving in your world, there is a relative blinding to those who are not yet Illumined.

"I tell you, blessed hearts, the Purity of your Heart would have you accelerate the Fire in your world, but many of you do not ever want to recognize that Purity in your Heart. For some do not think it 'fashionable' to be Pure. Well I AM here to tell you there is Victory in Purity. Purity's Ray moves forward to bring forth the Light of the White Fire of Purity, and cleave asunder all that is impure, 'unholy,' not of the fullness of your God Reality into the Flame. This is how the Light works. It is not a mystery.

"There are those in the land, beloved ones, who think that this is only a Message for the 'select few'. Well I stand to tell you that this is a Message for all. It remains to be seen whether all will grasp, but all must be given the Opportunity. For you know not, in your outer consciousness, who is ready to experience Victory in their life. You know not who is ready to have the Joy and the acceleration of the Fire of their God Presence manifesting in their world.

"This is the Victory! This is the Joy, and I AM Mighty Victory in the fullness of the Light of God! I know no opposition! I know nothing that will stand in your way, for I can see further than you could imagine and I AM here to tell you that the Light of your God Presence, the Electronic Body of your own Individualized God Presence, has the Light of the Great Central Sun manifesting within It, and there is no opposition that can stand before that Light!

"You, beloved ones, have the full Mastery available to you. Those who deny that, those who procrastinate, those who do not allow for the manifestation of that to come into their world in an active on-going participation are the ones who are placing their attention on the world, and allowing for the world to move into their consciousness, into their feeling world, and manifest as their own.

"This is a travesty, beloved ones, for it need not happen -- not to those who are Enlightened, not to those who have the Word of the Ascended Masters, or have the ability to call upon God. Yes God, beloved ones!

"There are those who are still working in the Piscean Age, that have not moved into the Aquarian Age, and have not come into the Enlightenment of Saint Germain's Message. Those, beloved ones, are still yet 'babes in the woods' and you have the opportunity to minister to those ones and allow them to know that they no longer have to live in the shadow of sin and have only the focus of one Ascended Master at their disposal. They have The Entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood ready to receive them and assist them on their journey and on their Path.

"You will discover as you continue to work through the cycles of your own life, there are those obstacles that will present themselves in front of you, and you will look at them and you will say: 'Oh this is too big for me. How can I possibly deal with it?' Well that is the time, beloved ones, when you do not even accept it, but you look up to your God Presence and allow for the Light of your God Presence to move into Action and see that that obstacle is transmuted by the Light and moves out of the way of your Destiny. Then, go about your way with the practical steps and application of the directing hands and feet of The Holy Christ Self.

"Your Destiny, beloved ones, is a Path and a Light on that Path that steps lightly through those obstacles and moves them aside, and you are not even aware that they even existed on some occasions. You have already lived a charmed life and do not even know it. For by the Grace of the pure intentions of your heart and the potential that you could accomplish, there have been those Angelic Beings and Ascended Masters Who have come forth and moved you out of harm's way and you have already sailed through a great deal of opposition many a night when there could have been a travesty in your world.

"I AM here to tell you that Victory will be your Guide through all of the obstacles of the physical plane, the astral plane, and the psychic plane, if you will hold fast to the Mantra, 'Always Victory!' and be 'Always Victory,' and never look to the side or to the back, but always straight forward into the gaze of the eyes and Light of your God Presence. See the Light of your God Presence moving into Action before you. Do not accept anything less. This is how you manifest a Victorious Life. This is how you live in the Glory of your own God Presence!

"Saint Germain was the first to bring forth the outer awareness of the Violet Flame, and to cognize the Teachings of the I AM Presence. And I tell you it is a great honor that you have in this lifetime the opportunity to know of that Instruction and know of that Teaching. Do not take It for granted. Do not think that it has become so over used that you have to put a new label upon It, or have a new 'color' for It to have the newness of Life in your world. Quite on the contrary! I have held the Flame for Victory for many long Ages, and I am not tired of Victory's Flame yet, nor will I ever be! . . . "

Beloved Mighty Victory

June 6, 1999   Bozeman, Montana, U.S.A.

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